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Six on Saturday 05/10/2019

Six on Saturday 05/10/2019

So another week has gone by in a flash, it’s still hot but slightly cooler with temperatures hovering in the mid to high 20s, it’d be nicer if the temperature was down to around 22°c/23°c as it’s much easier to work in. It seems that we’re never satisfied with the weather we get! Having said all that a week of sub zero would be gladly accepted at the moment just to get rid of the mosquitoes, they seem to multiply by the day both at home and in the work gardens, we all look like we have chicken pox with the number of bites we have! 
Enough of the mozzie moaning, on with my Six on Saturday, as always you can leave a comment or join in here and where it all began at:

Enjoy your weekend.

1) A visitor to the garden who thought sunbathing in the middle of the terrace was a smart idea! He wouldn’t have lasted long with our clodhopping heap of a German Shepherd charging around so after having his photo shoot I moved him to the safety of a flower box.

2) Dahlias, no idea what types I have as all the labels for mine and clients’ went astray in part down to the eldest fraggle when watering but also thanks to the Mistral, all the dahlias in mine and the work gardens have been late to flower but now they’re covered in buds, just as well our good weather lasts for some time yet.

3) Lawn invader! In one of the work gardens where we cut the lawn at least once weekly, often twice, this suddenly appeared approx 7 feet from a flower bed in the middle of the lawn and managed to put this much growth on in under a week (top picture), I dug it out and stuck it in a pot, the bottom is the result three weeks on. Not sure where it came from or if it’ll flower but I had to at least give it a chance.

4) This lot is still blooming like crazy on my terrace, they’ve been in full flower for several months and show no sign of letting up, sheer joy! 

5) This was a stowaway several months ago in one of over a hundred new agapanthus plants I bought for one of the work gardens, it was a tiny little shoot but as I have an innate need to give every plant a chance I popped it into one of my handy dog food trays that I save for small cuttings and seeds with some compost and stuck it on the nursery shelving to see how it would get on, fast forward a few months and it was producing lots and lots of babies! The new babies are now sitting on a cactus/succulent mix in dog food trays so they can gain weight before being transferred into real pots. I don’t know what it is, other than it’s a succulent of some kind.

6) Figs glorious figs, fresh, dried and frozen…
This year has been a brilliant year for figs, I’ve picked and dried at least 10 kilos from various trees, also eaten some fresh or used in cooking, the parcels in the photograph were filled with goat's cheese, onion, figs and local thyme honey. A few have been frozen but freezer space is scarce so I prefer drying, especially as we use so much dried fruit in muesli making. Still some ripening but not as quickly as last month.

That’s my six for the week, looking forward to some time to read what others have had in their gardens this week.

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