Sunday 22 March 2020

Six on Saturday 21/03/2020

Well even after a week of lockdown here I still didn’t manage to get my six done before the end of Saturday! A week of not tending the work gardens is making me anxious, things are growing so quickly at the moment, weeds included, and we did lots of extra hours early in the month to get in front of things, now all that extra work will be wasted. Fingers crossed the lockdown doesn’t get extended past the two week period - but I think it’s a given that it will.
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Here’s my Six for this week.

1) Self seeding Sweet Peas!! I haven’t planted any sweet peas out yet this year but I have some in the garden and in the buckets on the terrace, they’ve sprung up where I planted them last year in the garden and also in the buckets that were next to them on the terrace, a y our winter has been. Has anyone else ever had sweet peas self seed? My Gladiolus are also romping way ahead of themselves, these ones aren’t as big as the ones closer to the house but still pretty advanced for March.

2) Plastic plant pot anyone?  I never throw away a plastic pot either at home or at work, so I end up bringing home lots from work but I also hate seeing them sitting by the bins so when we go to take our rubbish and recycling to the bins I retrieve any that are there. Needless to say I have enough pots to supply a small nursery. The large ones are great though as they’re the ones trees are supplied in and great for jazzing up with cement and fabric strips to make unique planters for my citrus - that’s another post!

3) My Rogue Raspberry, this Raspberry has stubbornly refused to grow where I planted it in a thin bed next to the terrace fence and has instead decided to run along the ground under the terrace and up between the boards. I’ve decided to let it be and see if it produces in this position.                  

4) Dianthus Barbatus, or Sweet William, this has continued to grow in a tiny pot all winter as I just didn’t get round to planting it out, it has not only survived all winter with maybe just a couple of waterings from sidewards rain but it has flowered, albeit a rather spindly and lonesome flower. I now feel duty bound to plant it out and give it some much needed care. Apologies for the dodgy picture quality, it was more than a tad windy.


5) Petunias, these are the leftovers in my daughter’s pot that I included a couple of weeks ago, they’re going from strength to strength. I love getting two years out of one plant that’s supposedly an annual- I have some in my gate pot that have also come back from last year but they aren’t at flowering stage yet.

6) Strawberries, this is early even for here, these were mid summer producers last year but lots are in flower and I noticed on my way in from the garden this evening that one has a solitary strawberry just waiting to be ripened by the sun.

Well that’s my Six on Saturday for this week but as we’re still ploughing our way through the lemons from our tree I’ll share where most them are going, ginger and lemon cordial, fiery and refreshing.

Stay safe and Well during this crazy time of illness. X

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  1. I'll look forward to reading your post about decorating plant pots - I have a load of pots too, and reuse them often, but plain blacks aren't attractive when it comes to displaying plants. Good lock with your raspeberry - it seems to be a very determined plant!