Saturday 14 March 2020

Six on Saturday 14/03/2020

Well here we are, another week and the numbers are definitely on the up here, and not just Covid-19 cases, it’s been around 20°c most of the week but to be honest we could do with some decent rain before everything is in flower. The type of rain we get here obliterates flowers if they’re open.
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Here’s my six for this week-

1) As I said, it’s starting to heat up here, 22°C out and about the other day equates to a whopping 34°C in our garden and on our terrace, which is why in the middle of summer when it’s hitting the mid to high 30s°C out and about the thermometer on the terrace explodes and plants die - once temps, go over about 54°C the thermometer can’t take it any more! 

 2) This is the mulberry tree that sits just outside our garden, it’s a little garden all by itself and produces the most amazing berries!

3) This Pierre de Ronsard rose is one of dozens in our daily work garden, they produce beautiful flowers for most of the year, sadly this beauty was decimated by the obnoxious white spotted rose beetles (Oxythyrea funesta), the fact that I can’t find anything that stops them is more than frustrating, and non of the flowers in the garden are safe from these monsters.

 4) This extremely furry little guy marched right across the terrace at one of our work gardens this week, I have no idea what type of caterpillar he is but he was bold as brass and deserved a mention.

5) The colour of this succulent (Echeveria Pulvinata) is truly stunning, it’s only small but it’s almost screaming to be looked at.
 6) Last but not least my peach tree, Prunus Persica, I love this when it’s in bloom and hopefully my precautionary measures to prevent fungus will stop the peach leaf curl affecting it, I managed to prevent it last year and the fruit were beautiful.

Well that’s my Six on Saturday for this week, stay safe and if you have to self isolate then enjoy your garden. 


  1. An image search reveals Mr White Spotted to be not very handsome at all. Is it the adult stage that attacks your plants? What a menace. Loved Mr Hairy & that rose is stunning. Best of all, the peach blossoms. Fabulous.

    1. Thanks, Lora, Mr White Spotted is extremely nasty, they cause so much damage to the flowers, and not just the roses, which they decimate! From my research I think the grubs that live in the soil can also do damage to the roots in large quantities, and there always seems to be large quantities 😩
      I can’t express how frustrating it is to not be able to find a way of stopping them, bio or non, I literally cried when I found them on the Rose last week.

  2. Your prunus is very elegant and to think you will be harvesting peaches too...who is the lucky one then?

    1. Thanks, the prunus was extremely sad for the first couple of years we were here, horrendous peach leaf curl and so many aphids, whitefly, and woolly aphids, all being tended to by a gazillion ants, but Calcium di-hydroxide and sticky bands on the trunk along with a home made neem oil spray have paid off, we now have a healthy tree. The peaches last hear were lovely, although we ended up sharing a few with the wasps; if it isn’t one thing it’s another, but I don’t mind sharing - a little!