Saturday, 12 October 2019

Six on Saturday 12/10/2019

Six on Saturday 12/10/2019

I’m not sure where this week has gone, it’s been one of those weeks where Monday felt like Friday but Friday felt like Tuesday, and here we are at the end of Saturday and I have no idea how! 

Here’s my Six on Saturday and the link to The Propagator blog, the host of Six on Saturday.

1) Sternbergia lutea, these little rays of sunshine have been brightening up the field next to our house for the last couple of weeks or so, they almost scream out to be admired.

2) I have a new pitch fork! Spent a nightmare day this week trying to turn compost bins with a pitch fork that didn’t want to stay together, an old style fork where the end had a long stump that just pushed into the wooden handle and was supposedly held in place by a metal sleeve. Needless to say the air was filled with a few choice words so it was time to get a new one that would lift the composting material without falling off.

3) More new tools, this time tiny tools, these are no taller than my sunglasses are wide and I just couldn’t resist them, perfect for small house plants - or just to admire for their cuteness.

4) This beauty is just starting to flower, once it’s in full bloom it’s amazing, last year the client missed it but this year they’ll be here to enjoy it. 

5) This is not exactly garden but it’s garden related as most of the fruit in my home made muesli is home grown and dried, and even more will be next year. There’s something extremely satisfying about being able to preserve your home grown goodies for out of season use.

6) This job has been on my to do list at work for several months, I finally got it done this week, I really dislike weed suppressant matting under gravel, it seems to me to be a futile exercise laying it when so many weed seeds are dropped by birds or blown onto it by the wind, then the weeds grow down through the matting into the soil, this just serves to make weeding it harder so I prefer to have nothing under the gravel to make weeding it easier. Thoroughly satisfying seeing the pile of horrible stuff head to the poubelle.


  1. The trumpet vine is gorgous - so glad the client gets to see it! I have the same idea about weed suppressant in that organic matter & seeds fall on top, finding a nice place to grow w/little competition. That's a lovely path, btw.

  2. Hi Lora, thanks, and yes, I was glad they got to see the trumpet vine, it has had so many flowers on it over the last couple of weeks, although this week we had heavy rains for a couple of days which has left it a bit on the soggy side. The steps are about twice the length you see in the photo and lead from a path by a wooded area up to the driveway, they have huge rocks about 6 or 7 feet tall along the side holding up a huge flower bed, it looks amazing. There’s a similar path at the other side of the house which is a riot of Erigeron, that’s definitely one of my favourite parts of the garden šŸ˜Š